HK Company
1 How long is the HK company BR-Business Registration Form is valid?
  It is valid for twelve months.

2 Is there restrictions concerning HK company bank account opening? 
   HK local banks have restrictions for some nationalities to open the bank account. Those countries are always  under international sanction, e.g Iran, North Korea and Syria. Even some applicants from the countries that have unstable political situation still feel very difficult to open the bank account successfully.

3 Is there any good solution for HK company bank account opening?
  The applicant can choose the banks registered in Chia to open the offshore bank account which allows international transfers without any restrictions.

4 Can the HK company with Chinese shareholders set up WFOE-wholly foreign enterprise in China?
   Chinese Administration of Foreign Currency has very strict regulations concerning this situation. In this case, the AFC always refuses to open it.

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