What is the history requirement of setting up a representative office from the overseas parent company? If the parent company cannot meet the requirement, is there any solution?
According the regulation revised in 2011, the RO registration in China requires the overseas parent company to provide the business registration certificate showing the company has been registered more than two years. If the parent company is less than two years, the applicant can buy one two-year old HK company and change related registration into the applicant’s.

How long time can a WFOE inject the investment capital? Any chance to renew the capital injection period?
According to Chinese WFOE management law,the WFOE generally has two years time to pay the proposed capital within two years since the date when the business license is issued. The local authorities can extend the period for another one year at most.

My HK company expired two months ago, can i renew it now? Any penalty should i pay?
If the HK company expires, it will generate the penalties charged by HK government. Within the regulated time, it can be renewed after the penalty is paid. But if the director or shareholders don’t pay the penalty or attend the sue of the court, the Business Registry will cancel this HK company. The directors of the HK company will be put in the credit black list.

I plan to open a restaurant in Guangzhou, what type of business should i register? Any important points should i pay a lot attention?
Chinese government has very strict regulations concerning restaurant opening in terms of location, environment, sanitary and fire. To register a restaurant, you need set up a catering management company. But before you start to register a the company, you have to get pre-registration certificates from local environmental department, food & medical investigation bureau and fire department.

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