Coffee Shop & Bar
To open a coffee shop or a bar is also very popular form for many foreign investors to start a business in China. It has few requirements than a restaurant in terms of location, emission and fire certificate.

 As the coffee shop or bar mainly sells drinks and simple food which just needs heating, it has few special requirements. The main special requirements are catering service license and liquor retail certificate.

The whole procedure of the coffee shop or bar business license application takes around one month.

With China business registration reform starting in January 2014, WFOE coffee shop or bar enjoys better opportunities as the Commerce Office has removed the pre-establishment certificate before the business license is issued, e.g Food Business Approval Certificate. This reform means investors can apply for business license first, then apply for Food Business Approval Certificate later.  

Romeo Lau & Co has more than ten-year successful experience in setting up coffee shops and its business registration. Please send us your enquiries or questions, we are pleased to give you free advices.

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