I am from Pakistan, I want to apply for a business visa to China. Please tell me what documents I need to submit to Chinese embassy?
You need the invitation letter issued from Chinese companies or Chinese Foreign Economy & Trade Cooperation Bureau. If it is your first time to apply for Chinese visa, you have to certify your company documents in Pakistan and submit it with other application documents.

I have a M visa issued from Chinese embassy to France which is valid one month and has one entry. Because i need stay longer for my business mission, can i renew my visa from local authorities and how to renew it?
If you have a M visa, you can renew it from the place where the Chinese or foreign invested company which invited you to visit them. The local companies need provide some documents to help your renewal application. Generally this kind of M visa can be renewed for another one month or longer. And it can be extended again. If you want to extend your visa for a longer time, you have to get a longer time M visa from overseas Chinese consulate in the future.

I used to work as a general manager with a foreign invested company in Shenzhen and i had legal employment permit. Now i am planning with another company in Guangzhou. Shall i apply for a new work visa again or i just change the resident permit simply?
According to the laws of foreigner recruitment and work visa, the foreigner need cancel the employment permits from the previous employer. Related certificates shall be required when the applicant applies for new work visa from new employer. If the employers are different, then the applicant has to apply for a new work visa. If the employer are the same but in different cities, the applicant just change the alien employment and resident permit only.


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