Top 5 Most popular FAQs

1. What documents are required for trademark application?
    If the applicant is a foreign individual, the passport copy is required only. If the applicant is a foreign or locally registered company, then the valid business license copy is required.

2 How long is the trademark valid?
  Ten years.

3 Will the trademark registered in China be protected in Hong Kong?
   No, you need separate registration in Hong Kong.

4.How long is the trademark application process in China?
   One month after the application is submitted, the Trade Mark Office will issue an official receipt. Within one year after the application, the Trademark Office will give the initial announcement on the approval or refusal of the application. Another 2 months will be official announcement to the public. In another one month, the final official trademark registration certificate will be issued.

5. How many categories for the services or products in trademark application?
    Totally 43catgories.

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