Top 5 Most popular FAQs
1 What is resident permit?
  Resident permit is a legal permit issued by immigration  office to those expats who
  live,study and work in china
2 Who can apply for resident permit?
   Study in university as international students, work in China with legal working permissions,,live in China due  to family gathering.
3 Can family members apply resident permit ?
   Yes. The condition is that the members can provide the marriage certificate & children birth certificates verified by Chinese consulate or embassy to their countries.
4 How long is the resident permit valid?
   1-5 years
5 If the applicant is more than 60 years old, can he apply for work visa?

   If the applicant is the shareholder of the investor-an overseas company, or he is the investor of WFOE, then  there is no limit. For a WFOE, it cannot hire a foreigner who is older than 60.
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