Top 5 Most popular FAQs

What are the regular legal services provided by Romeo Lau & Co?
1、provide company legal consultancy to all questions relating to the laws
2、review the legal documents comiled by the client, help set down and change the company management regulations
3、send the lawyer's letter under the name of legal consultant
4、give client's staff training on laws
5、take part in the important economic negotiation with client and provide legal advices
6、provide feasibility analysis and report in the view of law on the decisions made for company management
7、introduce clients the latest governmental regulations or laws

What are contentious services provided by Romeo Lau & CO.?
1、make the company credit investigation and the report
2、provide lawyer's written attestation to clients' legal behavior and legal facts
3、provide legal services on company setup, share transfer, reduction or adding of investment fund, bid and tender,merging and seperation, company clearing and cancelling, and asset restructuring.
4、 handle other contentious services authorized by the client

What are the lawsuit services provided by Romeo Lau & CO.?
1、be the attorney agent of  the civil and commercial matters, be the agent of civil and economic conciliation
2、be the attorney agent of civil and commercial, criminal, economic and administrative lawsuit
3、be the attorney agent for comapny economic and labor dispute arbitration

What are the working ways to be a company legal consellor?
1、provide the systemactic, comprehensive and well organized legal consellor service according to client's work schedule
2、provide legal services anytime by phone, fax and email etc.    
3、clients can come to our office for legal consellor service
4、give the lawsuit tracking service and give the clients legal consellor service regularly
5、make an appointment with our lawyer for door-to-door service if it is necessary

What are the charges of company legal consultancy?
It depends on the services you choose.


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