Representative Office
1     Features of Representative Offices

1.1    Legal status of a Representative Office

The Representative Office (also known as Resident Representative Office) is a non-legal entity operating representing its parent company foreign companies registered outside China, including those registered in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).
A representative office is not allowed to engage itself in business activities, issue invoices on its own, remitting outward, signing sales or purchase contracts, or receiving income from services performed but may act as a liaison and promotion office for its parent company.

1.2    Name of a Representative Office
The name of the  Representative Office should be in the form of “Country/region+Name of the Foreign Enterprise + Name of the City + Representative Office (or Office)”. For example,HK ABC LLC Guangzhou Representative Office.

1.3    Business Address (Registered Office)
Before submitting the documents for application for registration, it is required that the office premise to be used by the  Representative Office be leased and a tenancy agreement concluded. The tenancy agreement could be executed by the Chief Representative of the  Representative Office or the director of the foreign company applying to set up the Representative Office.

2.    Documents required for the application for Registration of a Representative Office
The foreign company applying to set up the  Representative Office is responsible for the preparation of the following information and documents:

(1) Two set of legalised (by Chinese Embassy or Consulate) Business Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant company;
(2) 1 original copy of bankers’ reference letter issued in the name of the applicant company and addressed to Guangzhou Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce;
(3)  2 copies of original Tenancy Agreement (lease agreement) of the office premise to be used by the Representative Office; the lease term should not be less than 12 months. The tenancy must be entered into in the name of the parent company, and signed by its legal representative;
(4)     2 Photostat copy of the Certificate of Property Ownership evidencing the landlord owning the property;
(5)    An original certificate of Registration of Real Estate of Guangzhou to be used to prove that office site is truly rent by proposed Representative office;
(6)    A brief summary of the operations and business of the applicant company, such as the principal business activities, registered address, contact phone number, name of the applicant company; the address and contact number of the managing director of the applicant company;
(7)    A copy of resume, 8 pictures, passport copy (only the page detailing the particulars of the holder; to be signed and stamped with company chop), Power of Attorney and contact number of the Chief Representative and the address where the Chief Representative will be staying while she/he is China.
If the chief representative is a Chinese citizen, please provide us his/her employment contract with the local foreign service companies or other entities designated by the local government;
(8)    If there is(are) Representative(s) to be stationed in China in addition to the Chief Representative, the resume, 2 pictures, passport copy, contact telephone number of each Representative and the address where the Representative will be staying while she/he is China;
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